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GAV 8000 Eco

GAV 8000 Eco

Without setting process monitoring

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Technical Details

Working range

• 2.4 mm up to 6.4 mm Ø alu and copper
• Up to 6 mm Ø steel
• Up to 5 mm Ø stainless steel
• Up to flange diameter 11.4 mm
• Rivet body lengths above 30 mm
• Traction power up to 11,770 N at 6-7 bar air pressure

Productivity and savings potential

• Up to 40 blind rivets can be processed every minute
• No trained personnel required for operation
• Can be easily integrated into fully-automatic production systems

System description

• Electronic system controls
• Intuitive menu guidance via navigation and function keys
• Function display
• Maintenance display and simple fault diagnosis
• Customer-specific software modification is possible

• Ideal for applications that do not require process monitoring
• Rivet mandrels are disposed of by vacuum system
• Spring loaded trigger system as an optional extra available
• Can be integrated into the system or operated independently
• Interface for external memory programmable control system (SPS) can be realised via the GESIPA® interface