• GAV 8000 Electronic

    With integrated setting process monitoring.

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  • GAV 8000 Eco

    Basic variant without setting process monitoring.

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Working Capacity

•    Ø 2.4 mm to 6.4 mm for alu and Cu
•    Up to Ø 6 mm for steel
•    Up to Ø 5 mm for stainless steel
•    Head diameter up to 11.4 mm
•    Rivet body lengths over 30 mm
•    Setting force up to 12,000 N with air pressure 6 bar

Advantages at a glance

• Up to 50 % time and costs savings compared to
standard blind rivet devices.

• Rivet pistol has a large action radius thanks to the
hose package that is up to 5.0 m in length
(Standard length 3.75 m).

• No trained personnel required for operation.

• Can be easily integrated into fully-automatic
production systems.

• Up to 40 blind rivets can be processed
every minute.

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