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Weighing only 900g without the battery, the Birdie is the smallest and lightest cordless riveting tool in its class.

Wide working range

With a setting force of 10 kN and a tool stroke of 25 mm, it can set blind rivets up to Ø 5 mm in all materials, and up to Ø 6 mm in aluminium.

Tool-free maintenance

Cleaning and replacing the jaws or nosepieces can be done without tools. Colour-coded nosepieces make it easy to match the nosepiece to the blind rivet being used.

Full power

Sets over 3,000 blind rivets with just one battery charge! * As part of the CAS family, the batteries can be used flexibly and across manufacturers with different tools.

BLDC motor

The BLDC motor is practically wear-free, and the setting process is much faster than with conventional cordless tools.

Spent-mandrel container

Transparent spent-mandrel container for mandrel bodies means you can see immediately when it needs to be emptied. 

Technical Specifications

Accu performance
2,0 Ah Li-Ion
18 V
Weight (with battery)
1,3 kg
Working range
Blind rivets up to Ø 5 mm in all materials, up to Ø 6 mm in alu (max. mandrel Ø 3.5 mm)
Working range alu
6 mm
Working range steel
5 mm
Setting stroke
10000 N
25 mm
Brushless DC motor (BLDC)
Operating mode
CAS Battery-powered
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