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GAV 8000
For Blind Rivets

All of the blind riveting machines we produce here at GESIPA® are perfectly suited to mass production within industrial settings. Individual configuration means that GAV's can be controlled by an operator or installed as part of a robotic application. Our blind riveting machines can be adapted in line with your specific requirements.

Industrial use in robot-operated applications

All GAV versions can be integrated into robotic systems and industrial robots are deployed across almost all sectors of the manufacturing industry. They can be programmed for all kinds of motion sequences, allowing them to be used highly efficiently in conjunction with GESIPA® rivet technology. With controlled, fast and reliable production processes, using a fully automatic GAV combined with a linear drive or a multi-axle robot affords the following advantages:

- Maximum precision  
- Excellent profitability   
- Short cycle times
- High degree of flexibility

For Rivet Nuts

The FireRex® is our hydropneumatic setting tool for blind rivet nuts that features an external pressure booster to increase flexibility by some considerable margin.  There is also the option to integrate the FireRex®in a robot application or equip it with setting process monitoring in the form of the FireRex® 2 C WinTech.


The FireRex® riveting gun is extremely lightweight and perfectly designed for processing blind rivet nuts in hard-to-reach places. The hose connection has a quick-release coupling and the gun can be detached from the external pressure booster if required without any risk of oil loss or venting. The FireRex® is ideally suited for installation in assembly benches, fixtures or semi-automated workstations. The setting tool can be equipped with almost all FireFox® 2 accessories, including extension units, a mandrel body container or blind rivet nut counter, the setting process monitoring system, the spring-loaded trigger system and remote control.

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